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What ARe Skateboards?

Generally, people use the term skateboard to refer to any piece of sporting equipment that allows the rider to ride on. Indeed, it is true that all boards look pretty similar. However, there are nuances within each type of board that you should take note of. 

There are boards meant solely for commuting. These are called cruiser boards, and are designed specifically for travelling in the city areas. These boards are built for speed, and encourage long-distance riding. Longboards are also meant for commuting, but are slightly more flexible than the cruiser boards. Given the right design, they can also be used to do some simple tricks. 

Meanwhile, skateboards are primarily used in skateparks. They are used by riders to perform tricks and other manoeuvres. If you have ever played any of the Tony Hawk games, you’ll know what we mean. They are relatively short and stiff. This is to provide riders with greater control over the board. A typical skateboard would have lengths between 75cm – 85cm, and widths no wider than 21.5cm.


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"I really like this skateboard! It was my first time trying skateboarding but I felt so stable on it. Also, I enjoyed it so much with this. The size was perfect not too small not too big. Especially if you guys want to do/practice some tricks, I definitely recommend to try it with this skateboard!"

– Patrick Leong (Customer)

"Strong and durable construction, it is absolutely perfect for beginners to improve their skills, affordable, eye-catching design. These are all reasons that made me fall in love with this product."

– Khiang Jin (Customer)

"It was birthday present for my 11 years old nephew. He loves the skateboard. Nice quality by the way and looks good. This skateboard is perfect for beginners. Fast shipping too!!"

– Elaine Sim (customer)

What To Look Out For WHen Buying A Skateboard

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Whilst choosing a good skateboard could be difficult, even for the experienced pros, there are some general tips that you should consider. 

For one, take note of the material. Typically, the deck of the board should be made from maple or bamboo. Other alternatives exist too, such as aluminium and fibreglass. If these materials are lightweight enough, they could even be better than the wooden ones for performing tricks

Plastic boards can also be an alternative, and they are better known as penny boards. As the name suggests, these boards are much more affordable, but are also less durable and unlikely to last for a long time.

Pre-Assembled Boards



As a beginner, it would be a good choice to buy a complete board. One that is pre-assembled for you. However, as you get more advanced in the world of skating, you might want to customise your own skateboards. Look to purchase the deck, wheels, trucks, and bearings separately. This allows you greater freedom over the setup of your board. 

Of course, this comes with experience. For a beginner, that is often too complicated and time-intensive. Over at SingaporeSkateboard, we have a huge range of pre-assembled skateboards for you to choose from. You can start browsing from our shop. If you need any help, feel free to contact us. We’ll be able to make personal recommendations just for you.

Paris Skateboard


This skateboard is available in multiple sizes, thereby offering a deck that will suit the need of any skater. The smaller ones are ideal for the skatepark, transition, and street skating, whilst the larger ones are great for street slashing, ally shredding, and ripping at higher speeds.


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This skateboard is available in multiple sizes, thereby offering a deck that will suit the need of any skater. The smaller ones are ideal for the skatepark, transition, and street skating, whilst the larger ones are great for street slashing, ally shredding, and ripping at higher speeds.

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Tips and Advice

What To Consider When Buying SkateBoards


Skateboards are small. They are also light. These two features, when combined, make them extremely portable. When moving around the city, you can carry them easily in your hands. They can also be taken onto buses and trains with little worry. If you want, you can even put them on the ground and ride them home. Skateboards are really that convenient.

Back at home, you also need not  find extra space to store these skateboards. They are so small that they can easily be chucked into a random corner in your room. 


Whilst skateboards are not the most perfect for long-distance commuting, they do just fine for short distances. If the skatepark is near your house, within just 15-20 minutes, you can just ride them home. They might not be as speedy as other alternatives like longboards and cruiser boards, but they do the job just fine.

In fact, with skateboards, you can now travel to many places in your neighbourhood that you previously would have walked to. Going to the hawker centre? Ride your skateboard there. Going to school? Ride your skateboard there. They serve as great transportation alternative. 


Skateboards are generally affordable. A typical one would cost between $100 – $300. However, it all depends on the kind of board you are looking for. Indeed, there are really cheap options out there. Skateboards that cost between $30 – $50. However, do not expect these boards to last. 

Good quality skateboards are made from quality materials, which do cost a bit. This is why you notice that the more expensive the skateboards, the more features it has. If you are looking for a top-quality skateboard with multiple features, then you can expect to play slightly more than $300.


It doesn’t matter if you have had experience riding a skateboard. As long as you are keen to pick up the sport, there will always be a skateboard that’s perfect for you. So don’t hesitate to buy one, even if you are a beginner. 

There are many different skateboards available. From the deck size, to the wheel configuration, each part of the skateboard is highly customisable. If you are lost, you can always start by browsing our stores to check out the available skateboards. Alternatively, you can contact us directly. Tell us your riding experience, and we promise to make you the perfect recommendation.


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At SingaporeSkateboard, we aim to deliver stunning skateboards that match your lofty expectations. Not only are our skateboards built with world-class technology, they are also designed with aesthetic brilliance in mind. After all, we want to make you feel great pride and joy every time you go out for a ride. That is our promise, and it is what drives us is all that we do. Seeing happy customers come back to tell us about their wonderful experience with our skateboards bring us immense satisfaction.

Today we are proud to have provided more than 10,000 different skateboards for local customers. The journey doesn't stop here either. We want to continue doing what we do for a long long time to come.

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