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What ARe Longboards

A longboard has many similarities to a skateboard. In fact, it is often thought to be a variant of the traditional skateboard. Indeed, to an untrained eye, it might be difficult to tell the difference. However, it is precisely these differences that gift longboard its own unique set of advantages.

The very first and most obvious difference lies in the size. Whilst skateboards are smaller, ranging from 70cm – 80cm in length and 15cm – 25cm in width, longboards are generally larger. They span about 80cm – 150cm in length, and cover 22cm – 25cm in width. 

With its larger shape, longboards are usually faster and more stable than a skateboard. They are therefore more suitable for speed activities, such as cruising as well as racing. In fact, more and more skaters these days have also come to embrace longboards as the preferred choice of vehicle for commuting around the city.


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Different Longboard Models


Past Customers

"This longboard is an excellent starters board that has even impressed me. I've been skating for years, using skateboards, drop through longboards and cruisers, all expensive high end boards for the experienced consumer. This board caught my eye due to the design, so i figured i would try it. Not only is this the nicest looking board ive used, but this board rides exceptionally smooth for the price tag. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to start cruising."

– Timothy Ong (Customer)

"This longboard is amazing for beginners. I had purchased this so that I could learn to ride a longboard, I do have previous experience with riding skateboard but this is different. This longboard is perfect for going up curbs which you couldn't do with a regular skateboard. The bearings are good, they were just a little too tight so i loosen them. The board looks beautiful and despite it huge length its fun and pretty lightweight. I would definitively recommend this for people who want a good beginner board for learning how to ride. Amazing product and thats all I can say."

– Rui Lin (Customer)

"Love this board. I'm a 28 year old female who has never skateboarded in her life but always wanted to. My boyfriend skateboards on occasion and I wanted to be able to tag along on a board instead of always using my bike. In comes this lovely little long board. It was perfect for me to learn on. The bearings are smooth but not too fast, the board has just the slightest bit of flex to it, and the trucks have plenty of mobility for turning this stretched out bad boy around corners. Wheels are an appropriate fit for the board. I would highly recommend this board for a beginner."

– Ashley Tan (customer)

Different Longboard Styles


Top Mount Longboard.


The default shape of longboards is that of the top mount. This is the most traditional shape, as well as the most well-received.

In this arrangement, the trucks are attached directly to the bottom of the deck. This is what provides riders with greater flexibility of movement, allowing for sharper and more aggressive turns. In fact, these boards are one of the most nimble, and are often used for speed activities such as cruising, carving, downhill riding, free-riding, as well as free-styling.

However, its versatility also has its own tradeoff. Top mounted longboards are higher off the ground. This adds more technical difficulty in mastering these boards, as stability becomes more of an issue. To overcome this, riders can choose to use other types of bushings, trucks, or even wheels. 



Drop Through Longboard.


Another common configuration for longboard is the drop through. These boards  have the trucks mounted right through the board, whilst the baseplate of the trucks sits right at the top of the deck.

With this particular arrangement, the board is much closer to the ground. You can now see why the pros and cons of the drop through longboards are exactly the opposite of the top mount longboard.

With a much lower board, the rider experience greater stability and less fatigue. Less effort is now needed to push the board, since the foot has to be dropped a smaller distance to make contact with the ground. As such, these boards are great for long-distance riding, in particular commuting around the city.

Yet, the carving ability of these boards is also compromised. Drop through longboards are somewhat less flexible than their top mount counterparts.

Florida Longboard

(1 customer review)


These longboards are wide boards with a curved drop down between the nose and tail. They are perfect for individuals who are looking to learn to dance, lean, weave, or slide. The trucks on this style of longboard are top-mounted, and these boards typically have cutouts around the nose and tail to help eliminate the chance of getting ‘wheel bite.’


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Product Details

These longboards are wide boards with a curved drop down between the nose and tail. They are perfect for individuals who are looking to learn to dance, lean, weave, or slide. The trucks on this style of longboard are top-mounted, and these boards typically have cutouts around the nose and tail to help eliminate the chance of getting ‘wheel bite.’

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1 review for Florida Longboard

  1. Jaslyn Tee

    Nice, simple longboard. Like the style and design. Really great product for the price point.

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Tips and Advice

What To Consider When Buying LongBOards


Knowing what your primary purpose is when buying a board can help to make the decision much simpler.

If you want to learn tricks and manoeuvres, a skateboard is best for the purpose. Instead, a longboard is more suitable for travelling distances. If you intend to use a board to navigate your way through the city, then a longboard is definitely the recommended option. Longboards are also equally suitable for those who want to ride boards at high speeds. This include activities such as cruising and downhill riding. 


Longboards are generally more comfortable than skateboards. It’s no surprise, since they are specifically designed for the purpose of travelling. When you travel, you spend significant amounts of time on the board itself. As such, comfort is a priority. Meanwhile, the actual time spent on a skateboard is sparse. They are most ridden in bursts, for whenever the rider attempt new tricks and manoeuvres.

Keep this in mind. Skateboards are built more rigidly and for tighter control. Longboards are built for long-term riding comfort.


Compared to the small frames of skateboard, a longboard is conspiciously bigger. This also mean that it is heavier. A typical skateboard weighs around 3kg, whilst a normal longboard would weigh around 5kg.

Whilst there is indeed a difference, it is not particularly significant. Compared to other means of transporation, such as a bicycle, skateboards are rather lightweight. As such , all boards (regardless of types) are generally regarded as small and to carry around. 


Longboards are beginner friendly. They do not require advance knowledge to master, and can be easily ridden within the first few tries. The price also makes them welcoming for newcomers. Not extravagantly priced, these longboards usually range between $100 – $300. The exact price ultimately depends on the model and the features included. There are some longboards that are even available at less than $100. 

Ready to start exploring? Check now for the prices of our longboards.


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