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What ARe Electric Skateboards

An electric skateboard is not that much different from your normal skateboard. With one exception. It is that much easier to ride on.

These skateboards come with an electric motor that helps you do the acceleration and braking. Rather than constantly kick pushing the skateboard, an electric skateboard allows you to have both feet on the board whilst it continues its path forward. Braking is the same. Instead of having to drop your feet to make contact with the ground, an electric skateboard allows you to brake whilst having both feet on the board. All you have to do is pull the trigger on your remote control.

This is all done through a battery that is attached to the underside of the skateboard. The motors are attached either within the wheels themselves, or under the deck. A typical electric skateboard would weigh around 10kg, and can travel between 15km/h to 50km/h.


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"I'm a regular guy that has had 1 board before this. And I must say just like all the other reviewers, I am loving this electric board. It rides smooth once you get used to their controller. This board is great at such a cheap price. The design is very unique to what I've seen around. And boy the control when you lean with the board is top-notch."

– Wen Rui (Customer)

"This board is awesome. Was a little concerned that the hub motors wouldn't be powerful enough, but boy was I wrong, they pull super hard, almost fell off the first few times I tried to accelerate full speed. Much more powerful than other low-cost boards I've tried. Also very pleased with how quickly the board charges. If you buy it, you won't be disappointed. Very happy with my purchase."

– Quentin Ho (Customer)

"I could not expect better, fantastic product and assistance, the best ever!!! I am suggesting this eboard to anyone here in Singapore and I cannot believe how amazing this model can be! This is the best you can have. it is not a simple "eboard" this is the "one"!"

– Jing En (customer)

Additional Components of aN Electric Skateboard




There are two main kind of motors that power the electric skateboard. The hub motor and the belt motor.

Hub motor is more stealthy looking. In fact, one of the main advantages it has over the belt motor, is that it is significantly quieter. Yet, as far as it comes to benefits, that’s about it. 

Meanwhile, the belt motor is the more classic and traditional motor choice. It has many advantages. For one, it is more exposed to the surrounding air, thereby allowing greater cooling of the motor. A lower temperature ensures that the motor will not overheat. Lack of holes in the case also makes this type of motor much more water-resistant than the hub motor. 


Remote Control.


The other more visible component to the electric skateboard, is the remote control. This is what you will have in your hands whilst riding the board, and is used to control the speed.

There are three main kinds of remote controller.

The first kind has a slidable button. To accelerate, the rider slide his thumb forward. To decelerate, the rider does the opposite, and pulls his thumb backward.

The second kind has a trigger. To get the electric skateboard moving, the rider has to pull the trigger with the index finger. Releasing the trigger will allow the skateboard come to a halt.

The last remote control has a wheel instead. Similarly, sliding the wheel forward would accelerate the board, and sliding it backward would decelerate the board.

Malmo Electric Skateboard


Put fun on cruise with this electric skateboard that is made to zoom! Hit your perfect cruising velocity with the variable-speed control on the wireless, digital, hand-held remote. This electric skateboard promises to deliver a smooth, responsive ride, with ground-gripping wheels that keep you firmly in control of your board.


Product Details

Put fun on cruise with this electric skateboard that is made to zoom! Hit your perfect cruising velocity with the variable-speed control on the wireless, digital, hand-held remote. This electric skateboard promises to deliver a smooth, responsive ride, with ground-gripping wheels that keep you firmly in control of your board.

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Tips and Advice

What To Consider When Buying Electric Skateboards


Most electric skateboard operate with a Bluetooth remote control. This allows riders to control the speed and acceleration with just a touch of a button. There really is not much technique or mastery needed for this. As such, this would be perfect for those who are simply looking for an alternate mode of transport. 

You don’t even have to learn to skate whilst on these skateboards. Instead, you just hop on the board, press a few buttons, and you’re well on your way to your destination. It’s so fun, and yet so simple! Great for just about anyone!

Ease Of Learning

Since it is power assisted, beginners don’t have to always get the kick-push and balance techniques correct right at the start. Instead, there are many power settings to an electric skateboard that helps a beginner get slowly acquainted.

The learner mode ensures minimal power and slower acceleration, allowing newcomers to gain greater sense of control over the skateboard. As you slowly progress, you can gradually adjust the power to standard mode. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you may even enjoy riding on the expert mode!

Individual Weight

These electric skateboards run purely on battery. How fast and far it can go, therefore depends on the amount of power in the skateboard. 

As with normal skateboards, less effort is needed for a lightweighted individual riding on the board. With a weighter individual, more pressure will be placed on the skateboard. As such, the power will be depleted faster, limiting the speed or distance the individual can travel. Of course, it is easy to overcome this. Simply charge your skateboards for longer before setting off on your journey. Alternatively, you can purcahse a skateboard that is equipped with a more powerful battery.

Speed Limits

Being powered by a remote motor means that these electric skateboards can travel at high speeds. In fact, you can easily reach speed of 30km/h with these boards. The best part is, you won’t even tire. All you have to do put both feet on the board, and allow your toes and heels to control the direction. No energy will be needed to accelerate or decelerate these boards. 

This makes them great for travelling around the city. Especially for medium distances that would otherwise take you 30-60 minutes of walking. Get to your destination faster with these electric skateboards.


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